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Student admission criteria

FIFTH EDITION: 2016-2018

Student admission criteria

To be eligible for the EMECC NURSING Master Programme the applicant must fulfill these minimum requirements:

  • Be the holder of a Bachelor degree in Nursing (a minimum of three years' study at a university and of a minimum of 180 ECTS, or equivalent according to the regulations in the country of origin and to the European regulations).
  • Be proficient in English - Applicants must certify at least a B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or its IELTS/TOEFL equivalent. The definition of "English speaking countries" must be agreed by all partners for a student to be exempt from English language requirements.
  • At least three years of work experience in a relevant field after the final higher (tertiary) education degree certificate was issued. Only full-time work will be considered; part-time work will be converted into full-time work so that 150 hours or 20 full-time working days correspond to one month

Admission and Enrollment

  • Application procedure information: 1st October.
  • Application submission deadline: 31th December.
  • Selection process: January - February
  • Informal notification to candidates on selection process results: 15 -31 March aprox.
  • Official decision on Masters' accepted students: mid-end May aprox
  • Start of enrolment: 1st June aprox.
  • Deadline for confirmation on scholarship acceptance: 20th June aprox
  • Deadline for completing enrolment documentation: 30th June aprox
  • Confirmation of acceptance deadline for students from the reserved list: 1st July
  • Deadline for completing enrolment documentation for students from the reserve list: 15 July aprox.
  • End of enrolment: 31st July

New admission period self-financing students

In order to facilitate access to students who were not able to process their applications in the first phase of the selection process for the Erasmus Mundus Master´s Degree, The University of Oviedo has announced a new admission period aimed at 8 self-financing students

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